EVRAZ is a leading producer of infrastructure steel products

EVRAZ is No. 1 among rail suppliers and the leader in the construction steel market in Russia. The Steel segment’s primary focus is producing steel in the CIS from raw materials located near the company’s plants to serve the domestic infrastructure and construction market while maintaining export ?exibility.

EVRAZ Vanadium supplies its customers with high-quality ferrovanadium and oxides produced from vanadium slag.

EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil (NTMK) is the primary source of vanadium slag.

EVRAZ Vanady Tula produces ferrovanadium and vanadium oxides, namely pentoxide V2O5.

EVT and EVRAZ Nikom focus on conversion of vanadium oxide into ferrovanadium, including FeV80 and FeV50. Both grades are offered in a variety of sizes and packaging to meet customer requirements.

This high-quality product is a universal strengthener and hardener for high-strength steels, tool steels, and other ferrous-based products.

Grades Regular
Vanadium 48-56%
Aluminum 0.3% max
Silicon 2.0% max
Carbon 0.6% max
Phosphorus 0.07% max
Sulfur 0.03% max
Manganese 5.0% max

Size: 5-50 mm, 90% min
Packaging — steel drums on pallets, 250 kg net each drum

This high-quality product is a universal strengthener and hardener for high-strength steels, tool steels, and other ferrous-based products.

Different packaging/sizing or lower impurities levels or typical values can be provided upon request
Vanadium 78-82% 78-82%
Aluminum 1.5% max 1.0% max
Silicon 1.5% max 1.5% max
Carbon 0.25% max 0.25% max
Phosphorus 0.06% max 0.06% max
Sulfur 0.06 % max 0.06 % max
Manganese 2.0% max 2.0% max

Size: 10-50 mm, 90% min
Packaging — steel drums on pallets, 250 kg net each drum
10Kg/25LBs paper bags inside big bags or drums; 1Mt Big Bags

Vanadium Pentoxide is used in different, industrial processes as catalyst: In the contact process it serves for the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 with oxygen at 440°C. Besides it is used in the oxidation of ethanol to ethanale and in the production of phthalic anydride, polyamide, oxalic acid and further products.

Grades Regular
V2O5 min 92%
SiO2 0.85% max
Phosphorus 0,055% max
Manganese 2.5% max
TiO2 0.65% max
Sulfur 0.1% max

Appearance and Size: In the form of flakes, linear size up to 77 mm max, thickness from 2 to 5 mm
Packaging: 1 mt big-bags

Vanadium Trioxide is used in different, industrial processes and also for energy storage applications through hydrothermal route.

Grades Regular
Vanadium 66% min
Al 0.05% max
C 0.06% max
Cr 0.10% max
Fe 0.10% max
K 0.50% max
Na 0.40% max
S 0.04% max
Si 0.08% max

Material is granulated, size is 1,2mm max. Standard packaging — big-bags
Packaging: 1 mt big-bags

Ammonium Polyvanadate is used in different industrial processes including chemicals, energy storage, paints and others.

Grades Regular
Vanadium 49.90% min
H2O 1.00% max
Fe 0.10% max
K 0.40% max
P 0.04% max
Si 0.10% max

Packaging: 1 mt big-bags

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EVRAZ ranks first among Russian coking coal producers. The Group offers integrated solutions to optimise the coal blend for a global clientele and prides itself on being a reliable supplier. Coal and concentrate products are used by EVRAZ’s steelmaking divisions and by third-party domestic customers and export clients in Europe and Asia.


EVRAZ’s iron ore mining operations include such enterprises as Evrazruda (the mining branch of EVRAZ ZSMK) and EVRAZ KGOK (Kachkanar mining and processing plant).

Catalog of commodity products
Our products are used for Construction

EVRAZ produces a wide range of products, from rebar to beam, that are used in the construction of both socially critical infrastructure and major industrial facilities in Russia and the CIS.

Our products are used for Rail infrastructure

EVRAZ is the leader in the railway products market. EVRAZ products are used in the production of practically every element of rail infrastructure (from rails to components for train cars and locomotives).

Our products are used for Industry

EVRAZ supplies products that are used in most industries, from engineering to mining. EVRAZ products are used as materials for further manufacturing and as consumables in the production of various commodities.